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Content Style Guide Template
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Content Style Guide Template

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Your Content Style Guide Is Just As Important As Your Inbound Strategy

Unfortunately, most marketers still consider a content style guide as a "nice to have" tool. They don't realize how critical it is until they receive an email from a prospect pointing out a typo on their website.

But since pulling together a comprehensive content style guide isn't easy, we're sharing our time-tested, 12-page content style guide template. Once complete, you will have a dynamic content style guide that will empower all of your marketers and content contributors to put your brand's best foot forward.

It also includes pre-written instructions you can easily personalize, so anyone who picks up your style guide will understand how and when to use it. 

This content style guide template will help you:

Establish your brand's promise and key differentiators

Define the voice and tone parameters that will govern your content

Set your brand's style and grammar "rules of the road"

Beat your competitors with content that resonates with prospects

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