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Cyber Security Buyer Personas
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Cyber Security Buyer Personas

Complete, turnkey enterprise and SMB buyer personas to jumpstart your cyber security marketing. Get Yours Now

Shave Weeks off Developing Your Cyber Security Marketing Strategy

In the B2B cyber security market, the needs of your prospects are defined by the size of their organizations.

In an enterprise-level business, your key decision-makers will be technologically savvy and well-versed in risk. However, if you are focusing on stakeholders in small-to-medium-sized businesses, the opposite will be true.

We know it takes a lot of time to research and develop comprehensive cyber security buyer personas of your enterprise and SMB targets.

So, we did it all for you.

What You Get:

Your fully-customizable cyber security buyer personas include detailed information on the priorities, pain points, goals, research methods, trusted resources, decision-making capabilities (and more) for the following enterprise and SMB organizational stakeholders:

Enterprise: Risk Manager, CISO, Analyst, Architect

SMB: CEO and CFO, Operations Leadership, IT Leadership

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