Impact Conversion Collection

Increase Your Conversions. Everywhere.

Just about every marketer wants to generate more leads, but increasing conversions is hard flippin' work.

But, you can find ways to increase conversions through simple, creative tweaks to existing assets. This “growth hacking” is how companies produce big results with limited resources. It’s how, at IMPACT, we increased lead generation by over 500% in less than two years.

The IMPACT Conversion Collection is all of these conversion rate optimization secrets wrapped up and organized in 4 helpful ebooks. Just for you.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to create ridiculously persuasive site pages

  • Growth hacks for growing your email list

  • Actionable ways for increasing conversions on your blog posts

  • Writing content that could double conversions on your calls-to-action

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Generate More Leads from Your Calls-to-Action

Increase the performance of every CTA on your website.


Generate More Leads from Your Landing Page

Start creating ridiculously persuasive landing pages.


Generate More Leads from Your Blog

Turn more of your blog readers into customers.


Generate More Leads from Your Marketing Emails

Send remarkable emails that people love getting.