The days of people engaging exclusively on desktop are long over. 

Wanna hear something crazy?  

According to a Google report, 90% of mobile users use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time.  

Talk about divided attention. Having a responsive website is critical for increasing website conversion rates.  

Join us in our next webinar as we discuss ways to improve your marketing performance in an increasingly mobile marketplace with Ari Weil, VP of Product at Yottaa, a Boston-based company specializing in optimizing the mobile experience for end users.


ari_weil_yottaa-2 Ari Weil
VP of Products
ryan_coates_360_crop Ryan Coates
Creative Lead



Running Time: 30 Minutes 

What you'll learn:

  • How mobile responsiveness impacts conversion rates
  • Components of a mobile responsive site
  • How Yottaa approaches mobile optimization

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