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Pillar Content Workbook
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16-Page Pillar Content Workbook

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Creating Pillar Content Doesn't Have to Be Hard.

Creating a piece of pillar content is a lot of work. It's supposed to be the most definitive piece of content on a given topic, and it'll only be successful for you if you have the right strategy in place for it. 

That's why we created the Pillar Content Workbook.

We wanted to empower you with the planning materials, guidelines, and strategic expertise you need to create a pillar content that drives organic search growth and is absurdly useful to your target audience.

This is the exact same workbook we use to create pillar content for ourselves and our clients -- and it works every time


What Your Workbook Includes

4 project planning worksheets for your pillar, with guidance on best practices we've tested here at IMPACT;

Tons of resources including pillar examples, outlining tips, and more; and

Links to our favorite in-house SEO planning tools.

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