Foster a Culture of Sales Enablement on Your Team.

Not everyone on your team is in sales, but every one plays are role in the sales process -- especially your marketing team.

In this all-new, exclusive guide from IMPACT and Digital Media Training you'll get everything you need to build (or refine) the relationship between your inbound marketing and sales teams. 

You'll learn the essentials of inbound marketing and sales including:

  • The Benefits of Inbound Marketing
  • How to Approach Website Optimization & SEO
  • How to Get Email Marketing Right
  • How to Get Started with Social Media
  • The Basics of Content Creation
  • The Website's Role in the Sales Funnel
  • How to Approach Inbound Leads via Email
  • Using Social Media for Sales
  • Using Content to Delight & Renew Customers
  • And more!

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